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    Farewell Redcliff Bowl.

    Redcliffe Bowl which is a center that AMF was leasing is closing its doors after Xmas. The center is located about 35ks north of Brisbane and was built in the 80's I believe. The site was previously a drive-in movie and will now probably be sold for housing development.
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    What is AMF doing to the game?

    Bowlers at Kedron and Cannon Hill have been told that the centers will be closing in June. We hear that several other Brisbane centers may not have their leases renewed next year. Meanwhile AMF have started changing some of their centers over to string machine operation with Castle Hill being...
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    Another bowl closes.

    I received a phone call from the owner of the cosy little 6 lane centre at Stanthorpe on Monday telling me that after much deliberation they were going to have to close the centre. Due to the economic downturn in business around the Stanthorpe district over the past 3 - 4 months it was not...
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    Find a centre upates.

    With all the changes happening around the country can the centre information get updated. I travel round the country with my work and find it difficult to find some centres especially where they have closed and been relocated i.e. Blacktown. I'll start it off. AMF centres; Bankstown -...
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    Canberra maintenance work.

    A 4 lane 82-90 installation is being added to a new amusement centre at Westfield Belconnen and is looking for an experienced tech to carry out maintenance on a parttime basis and also be available to repair breakdowns that the in centre amusement techs can't fix. Some training ofthe inhouse...
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    Does anyone know where Peter Francis, Gary Jarvis or Peter Stersteps are?

    I'm trying to find these guys to see if they are still in the ACT. If anyone knows them or where they are you can contact me on 0414787452. Thanks, Len.
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