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  • A little dissapointing but we have some clashes and we only had 2 weeks on TB so could be worse I suppose. Biggest dissapointment only 3 in ladies division.
    Hi Leigh. I sent you a message but not sure if you received it. I had some questions about the tournament you & Alan are organising. I have since found out that 710 Spilt is the old Fairfield.
    Please advise if the 2 divisions are men & women or open & graded. How many games? How much? When is it being held? How are the prizes going to be awarded.
    Once I have this information I will let you know if I will bowl.
    Thanks Sandy Wong-See
    Sorry I cant make it, im bowling in Newcastle Cup finals tomorrow. Will try to make the next one though. Cheers
    Hey there!
    Its Jessica McGinty, James' daughter and we are currently going through the voters from the poll for the finals format and getting the squads from those who voted.

    Looking forward to your reply and can't wait to see you at the tournament you helped create!

    Warm Regards,
    hello leigh its cameron diversi can u please order me 2 shirts 1 with Chris McCabe in a large and myself in an 2xl please. If u need payments can you please send me details as i 4got to let you no before i went today. Are u also able to place up a standings wif the points from each round also please. thanks heapz cameron diversi
    hey there sweet lips the shirts do they come with your name on front and back or not .have many people ordered them. and what is the price again . p.s cant make the next one .
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