VSS Event 2 - 24th March at Geelong


Hi All,

Thought I had better start this seeing as nothing up here yet.

2013 VSS #2 - Geelong (Belmont)

The address is 49 Reynolds Road, Belmont. Ph: 5241 2200

Sunday 24th March 2013
Check-In 9:30am SHARP.
Bowl 10am
Cost: $100 (Members) $120 (Non-Members)
Pattern: AO Pattern (Luke please confirm)

The AO pattern is Los Angeles - 36 foot.
This is the same pattern we had laid down at Epping at in December.

I am still taking names for memberships, please can you let me know asap so I can get them all finalised.


Luke has the list of people who put their names down at Mentone, so he'll add that as soon as he can.

In the meantime:-

Jane Finch
Ralph Harford
Gavin Cox
Vi Huynh

Please can you add your names in so we can get the numbers organised, thanks!


1. Jane Finch
2. Ralph Harford
3. Gavin Cox
4. Vi Huynh
5. Andrew Thorpe
6. Amanda DeLange
7. Adam Baker
8. Bec Robinson
9. Daniel Browne
10. Joseph Moraitis
11. Richard Tran
12. Mac Stewart
13. Nell Kieseker
14. Paul White
15. Adam Hayes
16. Russell Stokely
17. Tyson Carr
18. Matt Kelly
19. Mary Dodds
20. Paul Trotter
21. Jayden Kalman
22. Karen Newman
23. Craig O'Toole
24. Brendan Howe
25. Matt Whiting
26. Lachlan Merchant
27. Josh Morel
28. Jason May
29. Doug Bear

Please keep adding names so I can update the list.




Hey Jane, i'm not sure if I put my name down or not, so can you add me just to be sure. Thanks.
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