Tony Hamilton Goes Back to Back!!

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Easy Tiger, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Easy Tiger

    Easy Tiger Active Member

    Tonight at Aspley in the Haros Triples League, Tony Hamilton shot back to back 300s, scoring games of 257, 300, 300 for an incredible 857 series.


    Great work Hamster, couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. Congratulations!
  2. Cam S


    Thats awesome
    deadset amazing stuff

    congrats tony

    a question if anyone knows whats the highest 3 game series recorded in Queenlsland, would 857 be it.
  3. Feral

    Feral Member

    Great bowling Tony - congratulations champ. =D> =D> All three back to backs in the record books by QUEENSLANDERS!!!
  4. Easy Tiger

    Easy Tiger Active Member

    Derek Adams shot 858 (258, 300, 300) at Nerang in 2003.

    If I remember correctly George shot 858 earlier this year at Caboolture.
    Tony would be 3rd I am guessing.
  5. always 3rd

    always 3rd New Member

    Well done Tony great effort
  6. Chooken

    Chooken Love my nieces and nephew

    Well Done Tony!! Mum also said congraulations!!

  7. luke

    luke Active Member

    dead set legend mate couldnt have happend to a nicer guy.

    congrats mate from all the green family
  8. Kellie

    Kellie Facebook Rocks

    Awesome effort, well done Tony.
  9. KnuckleHead

    KnuckleHead Vic Represent

    Congrats on the back to back mate awsome effort.

  10. g-unit


    wow go tony go tony its your b day its bday lol great work hamster the back to back to back 300 wont be far mate lol
  11. Kyles

    Kyles Ooooohhhhhh...Meow!!

    Congratulations on back to back 300's Hammo!! You don't see those very often. Also, great series!!

    Well done!!

    Kyles & Lacky
  12. Nothing short of an awesome performance.

    Well done Tony............

  13. bitchy lil brunette

    bitchy lil brunette New Member

    That's awesome Hammo!

    Keep it up ;)

    Love Jodes.
  14. RONALD C

    RONALD C Susy wants me Banned

    Introducing Australias answer to Robert Mushtare! ;)

    Absolutely sensational mate.
    I have sat in some bowling alleys and watched some great bowling over the years mate, but that was the best i have ever seen.
    Unreal mate, i am so happy for you.

    I don't know how you controlled yourself, i was nervous as hell watching you.

    It was great that the Dirty Bombers greatest fan was there to see it also mate. She also says congrats again! I will try and post her video footage for a bit of a laugh later.

    Good onya mate, great bowling.

    Good onya Tony "Gerbil, Hamster, Mushtare, Where was your daddy?" Hamilton

    Ronnie and Susy
  15. Blueheeler73

    Blueheeler73 Guest

    Well done Tony Great work!!!!

    Along with Monday night's effort not a bad week

    Jase Lynam
  16. PeterB

    PeterB Elite Armchair Athlete

    Congratulations Tony. A terrific effort. Wish I and your #1 fan were there to see it.
  17. aphelion

    aphelion Vittu Perkele Saatana!

    Tony mate, what can I say. I am so happy for you right now. This is the best news I've heard for a long time.

    If only I was there to see it!

    Greg & Susannah
  18. World Class Bowling

    World Class Bowling Lane Masters/Legends and Lordfield Distributor

    Congratulations Tony,

    Back to back 300 games, winner of the Western Open, Scratch winner of the last Twin Tour and another 300 within the past 3 months. I would say that is exceptional bowling.

    Glad to see the Legends balls are doing their job so well for you.

    You,re performance was World Class
  19. DarrinC

    DarrinC Member

    Another top night of bowling for you Tony. It was great to watch.

    Darrin Kylie Jak
  20. Hammer

    Hammer Moderator

    Well, Congratulations Tony, That is just a super display of bowling tonight. I'm so glad your our Anchor, DB3, Jester and Mate. Couldnt be more proud or happy for you. You deserve everything, just the way you conduct yourself on and off the lanes is awesome. Im glad I was there mate, Worls Class bowling mate.

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