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  1. Jase

    Jase Admin Staff Member

    It's been a while since our last one, but we finally have another competition.

    In conjunction with Bowling Balls Australia TotalBowling is pleased to announce another fantastic competition for our lucky forum members.

    Thanks go to BOWLING BALLS AUSTRALIA for their donation of a LANE 1 CRYSTAL DIAMOND CLEAR BALL for this competition...

    BOWLING BALLS AUSTRALIA - "The Tenpin Bowling Discount Store" for all your latest release gear. Huge range of balls, bags, shoes, gloves and other accessories from every manufacturer at fantastic prices. Check out their website at www.bowlingballsaustralia.com.au or call Max on 08 8281 6620 or 0422 258404 for any assistance.


    All you have to do is pick the winner of the MENS DIVISION of the South Pacific Classic being held at AMF Moorabbin Bowl on this weekend the 15th, 16th and 17th of September 2006.

    The person who guesses the correct winner of the MENS DIVISION, and gets closest to that persons qualifying average will WIN A LANE 1 CRYSTAL DIAMOND CLEAR BALL (winner chooses weight)

    Each person wanting to enter must post a reply to this message stating who they think will win the South Pacific Classic MENS DIVISION, and their qualifying average.

    You can view the current squad listings HERE

    RULES :

    1) People wanting to enter MUST POST A REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE stating who they think will win the South Pacific Classic MENS DIVISION at AMF Moorabbin on 15th, 16th and 17th September 2006. All entries must include a name, and a qualifying average. Any entries that do not include all of the information will not be accepted.

    2) All entries close as soon as the first ball is bowled in the first squad on the 15th of September. All entries after this time will not count and will be deleted.

    3) All entries are free. Only one entry per person allowed, and no changes can be made to your entry, unless the person you select withdraws from the event. If the person withdraws after the first squad, you will not be allowed to select again. Sorry.

    4) You are not allowed to copy an entry placed earlier than yours. If you pick exactly the same person and average, then your entry will be deleted and you will be asked to guess again.

    4) The winner of the A LANE 1 CRYSTAL DIAMOND CLEAR BALL bowling ball will be whoever picks the winner of the South Pacific Classic Men’s Division. If more than one person selects the winner, then the person who selects the closest qualifying average of that bowler will win.

    5) Entry is open to Australian residents only (people currently in the country). It’s not up to me to know who is entering from Australia and who isn’t. If you enter the competition and are from overseas and end up winning you will be ineligible, and prize will go the winning Australian resident.

    6) Entrants must have a valid TotalBowling account and post their pick using that account, and the email address in the profile must be valid also. If this is not adhered to, we reserve the right to not count any entries which do not comply. Entrants must also update their profile with their real names.

    7) In the event of a dispute or anything else not covered in these rules, our decision will be final.
    Any questions please email me jason@totalbowling.com.au ,

    Otherwise Happy Guessing !

    Would also be nice to add a thankyou in your post!

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  2. Mrs P

    Mrs P Beware the sleeping Tiger


    214.1 average
  3. Rowdy

    Rowdy Member

    Glen Loader - 215 ave
  4. DaleS

    DaleS ITB Bowling - Radically Elevate your game !

    Carl Bottomley - 219.4
  5. *'TOPHER*

    *'TOPHER* New Member

    Glen Loader- 217.3
  6. tonx

    tonx New Member

    All in with:

    Gino Ma Sze Kit- 243.126 qualifying average!

    Thanks Max! No one else puts back into bowling anywhere near what you do!
  7. always 3rd

    always 3rd New Member

    Jason Walsh - 218.6
  8. Tiger

    Tiger Active Member

    Glen Loader - 224.50
  9. chucker

    chucker Member

    jason walsh 223.8 ave
  10. J.Drew

    J.Drew Guest

    Glen Loader - 219.3 ave
  11. ms

    ms is retired...

    Would you look at this.... yet AGAIN BOWLING BALLS AUSTRALIA stands up and supports the sport of tenping bowling in australia. THANKS MAX! its been a very long time since a company like this supported tenpin bowling like you have!

    Special thanks to JASE for organising it! great work champ! Without guys like you and Max, this sport would be shrinking even more faster than it is!


  12. Chowny

    Chowny Moderator Staff Member

    Brando with 216.6
  13. [eM]

    [eM] Member

    Glen Loader - 218.5
  14. Porto

    Porto TotalCOOL

    David Porto 180
  15. KnuckleHead

    KnuckleHead Vic Represent

    Glen Loader 215.5
  16. km25

    km25 Member

    Jason Walsh 221.5
  18. Twwety

    Twwety Whatever!!

    Alan Notman 215
  19. johnnybg

    johnnybg Member

    George Frilingos 221.9

    Onya Max,,,,
  20. The Reggae

    The Reggae New Member

    Jason Walsh - 226.7 average

    Thanks Max, looks like an awesome ball!!!

    Rachel Reggars
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