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    For Sale – Complete Proshop.


    AMF Vacu-Jig Drill Press - perfect condition less than 3 years old
    Solid Steel Stand (custom made for drillpress)
    41 Drill Bits – all sizes from ½ inch through to 1 3/8 inch
    Set of AMF Dodo Scales
    Pullman Vacuum Cleaner
    Plug Cutter
    Bevel Knife
    Classic Pro-pitch Gauges
    Bill Taylor Ball Fitter
    Quarter Scale
    Turbo Lifter Holder (wall mountable)
    Digital Calipers
    Ball Workout Tool
    Various Accessories
    Plugging (resin and hardener plus 2 sets of pumps)
    15 Thumb Slugs
    More than 400 assorted Lifters


    Contact Tim on 0422 952 002 or email

    Everything you need to start your own Proshop.

    Please note it will be the buyer's responsibility to move the equipment.

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  2. Easy Tiger

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    Drop to $6,500. Upcoming wedding. All reasonable offers comsidered.
  3. Easy Tiger

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    Drop to $6000 for the whole lot.

    I have had a couple of people say they were going to take it but have heard nothing back so it is back up for sale.

    Need to sell this as upcoming wedding and I am no longer bowling so do not need the gear. All reasonable offers considered. 0422 952 002.
  4. Easy Tiger

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    Now $5,500.
  5. Easy Tiger

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    SOLD and gone. Thanks Totalbowling for the use of this site to advertise for free.

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