Names from the past, where are they now?



From information that was given to me Kat Willeme was suspended for 6mths and has chosen to not return to BOWLING since then, shame :cry:

Tom Kury still bowls as aggressively every Tues night at Fairlanes with a cpl of other FUBAR :twisted:

Spoke to Rod Thompson at this years Perth Cup, havent seen him in ages, looking well

Spoketo Ian Bradford during the recent Nationals, he's going well also

Didnt seem that long ago we went through a POST of its nature, but the years go by and it could have been 5years ago :?:

Was nice to see alot of ole faces at the Nationals and meet a few new ones, hope my Friends from New Zealand got home safe :D


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Hi Alan, good to see you got home safe as well.

Rachuig just wouldn't be the same without our little fun battles, already looking forward to next year. Wouldn't miss it for the world. :agrue:

See you then, if not before.



as someone mention leanne moyle i saw her in melbourne festival about 2 years ago and she was doing well and never mention about bowling i dont know if she still bowl or not,


I've thought of some more names from the past.

Eric Jang

Brian Burge

Rob Zikman Now did'nt he go by the nickname the" Fireman", also did he orriginally come from Sydney or Melbourne.



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Rob is the manager of greensborough bowl, and apparently doesn't have time to scratch himself nowadays.


Names from the past

Gee Willey.....I see that it has taken 72 days since the start of this subject for someone to finally recognise Australia's 1st National All Star Bowling Champion, ERIC JANG...well done ! I will stand corrected on this but I seem to remember that IVY LINK was the first female champion, always wondered what happened to her, or did she win that big Ardath tournament ?
JOHN FITCH ...think he won the National the next year and LANCE LOUGHLAN after that.
Still the best left hander I ever saw was DAVE ALEXANDER...think he was one of our first exports as coach to Singapore or the likes.
And no one has mentioned GARY ..what a ball ! JOHN BURGESS (then 2UW Good Guy ) was also part of that era.
I don't think anyone from the sixties could forget RON SPITERI and that transistor radio firmly implanted in his ear catching the last race....bowling's full of characters.
Let's also not forget ED KEE'S son GARY, a real champion. I remember seeing him push a bowling ball down the lanes well before he could walk....much the same way BELMO learnt to bowl.
Thank you all for the memories !!


Hi Porky, I never seen Eric Jang bowl, a bit before my time, he was in Newcastle only last year during the Mr Mac Grand Prix event, locals tell me he was originally from Newcastle, but I did see John Fitch bowl, from what I remember he was a three stepper.
I've thought of another name Andy Mckay, I think he posts on this site under the name ozzy pro, but don't quote me on that, this was a guy who really reached a peak than went to the USA to try his luck. I have heard he was still throwing a couple of games down at Randwick over the last few years.


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And no one has mentioned GARY ..what a ball ! JOHN BURGESS (then 2UW Good Guy ) was also part of that era.
Yeah...I heard John Burgess used to bowl...what ever happened to his bowling career??


Craig Bourke was still bowling down in wagga up until the centre closed, not sure where he is now, last i heard he was getting married but still bowling through travelling to albury once a week with sum of the other guys. best memory of bourkey has to be his 300 in the 9am squad in wagga after one of the girls 21st awesome effort.


Greatest Bowlers Ever

Where is Kenny Sheehan now. . . . he was the first Australian FIQ Captain and is in the Hall of Fame. No-one has mentioned him in this great list yet.
And many others from his era, like Joe Velo, Eric Thompson and Ronnie Powell.

As for Kenny Sheehan, he is washing dishes, weeding the garden, renovating the Kitchen for the fourth time, making and painting his numerous wooden garden plant holders. . . . Orders taken . . . :lol: :lol:


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Wow, havent posted here for a very long time but I cant help but think of the days when these bowlers bowled and Jo and I used to get their autographs at SA Cup. The tournament was so big back then, (1980's), there were always 4 full squads and we had a great opportunity to see many of the bowlers listed on this site bowl.
If my memeory is correct one year Steve Kiss won by changing his roll to a full roller just for this tournament, thats the sort of bowlers these guys were, they didnt have the technology that is around today they had to really read the lanes to get the most out of their shot.
One female bowler not mentioned is the great SA bowler Alice Roser. Alice bowled for SA for many years, over the late 60's, 70's and into the mid 80's. She only missed one Rauchiug (1971) in this time and that was due to the birth of her third child. Alice represented Aust in FIQ several times, winning a collection of medals. Alice was a very accurate bowler, backup too, who bowled with a light weight no frills ball, 12lb. Alice was a fierce competitor who I believe won 3 of the first 4 Adelaide Cups, she was a member of the ATBC team of the decade of Rauchuig bowlers 1980-1990. She was also inducted into the SATBA Hall of Fame in 1994.
Alice moved to Sydney around 1992 to live with her brother.
Was John Burgess the first Australian pro to bowl a 300? Was he even a pro? Something i hurd a couple of years ago, but i never knew if it was true! Anyone know?
Thanks, Ham Sandwich


Names from the past

G'day Stuie.......can't answer your question about Burgo's 300, but I can tell you there was most definitely an Australian Professional Bowler's Association in the sixties.
I suspect Guenther Gsodam (AMF Staffie) at Rushcutter in Sydney may have been an instigator. I remember Lew Carson also of Rushcutter, a former Yank and wonderful jovial guy, threw a 300 and I think he was in the APBA. The Assoc. didn't seem to last very long though ??
The ABC used to screen the American Pro Bowling circuit on SUNDAY afternoon around 1pm........CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT......IN PRIME the very early sixties; great bowlers like Dick Weber, Don Carter, Carmen Salvino, Teata Seamez, Glen Allison, Steve Nagy etc, etc. hence that early interest for an Aussie Association.
In more recent times, Belmo's dad Aldo used to obtain copies of all PBA events and hire the tapes out to bowlers. They were very popular.
While I'm at it I should mention that I had my first game in 5 years this week at Hervey Bay (QLD) and met up with proprietor David Weild. David was runner up in the South Pacific Classic to Len Hogg all those years ago so that 's a fitting way to say cheerio on this subject.

Brett Hall

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BELMO said:
..............Mate, Chris Warner was a natural....wished he still bowled on a more regualr basis....He could almost anything with the ball, made wet lanes always look dry and made dry lanes always look wet :)
He is the kind of player that even if he hasnt touched a ball in a year, his first 3 games back will alway be over 700.
Warner decided to pusue a career in music (DJ) rather than bowl...and from he tells me, he is making a few bucks and having fun. but you never know we might see him playing nationally again :)................
Not to mention an all round nice guy. Bowled with him once in the Orange Junior Country Cup that's been running every November for a few years. As a "low average" bowler at the time, it was strange to have a "high average" bowler openly socialising with you.
He was definately a natural for sure, remember him reeling off 11 in a row to finish a game in the same tournament & shrugging it off like nothing, the guy was calm as!!!!


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Wow there's some old names there. I use to sub in Jeanette Bakers team in the Fury League at Woodville Bowl. That's going back to the days when Les Jordaine ran the pro shop.

Glad to see Mark Ramsay still bowling. I'll have to go to Milton tomorrow night and say g'day.

Anybody remember Craig Bollenhaggen and Colin Hunt? Anyone know what happened to these guys?


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colin still bowls and bowling the SA CUP this year I think.
Craig I have not seen for about 10 years since he bowled out at elizabeth.

Tony Stoppel


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Thanks Tony. I certainly remember you. The tall left hander with the Columbia yellow dot. Yep, it's been that long. :lol:


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Thanks Tony. I certainly remember you. The tall left hander with the Columbia yellow dot. Yep, it's been that long. Laughing

and you might be......................?????



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Tony, you won't remember me. My name would mean nothing to you. I remember the awesome outside shot you had and the cool red HQ that blew my AP6 Valiant off the road while we dragged up Woodville Rd.
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