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Discussion in 'Comments and Suggestions' started by l marsden, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Kegelmaster

    Kegelmaster New Member

    So, can anybody tell me why so many centres are closing down? There have to be reasons for this; high cost of rent, expensive upkeep of equipment, cost of mechanics or is it lack of interest by the public?
    I remember the sixties and seventees, new Tenpin centres popped up everywhere.
  2. Aaron1990

    Aaron1990 New Member

    Liverpool wasn't originally an AMF, it was a Kingpin, however still run by the same parent company known as Ardent Leisure.
  3. matthew

    matthew New Member

    for all concerned check the tba website( registered centres and you will see all the listing
  4. l marsden

    l marsden New Member

    I am in Sydney at the moment installing kickbacks for the new string machines at strathfield. oddly strathfield is changing from an amf centre to kingpin! I did the change at Liverpool from kingpin to amf centre a couple of years ago. cost a lot of money to convert the "atomosphere" of the place.

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