Fast 7 SKINS - Chirnside Park Bowl Sunday 26th March


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HI everyone
Skins are back at Oztenpin Chirnside Park Bowl.
7 game skins.
$100 per skin
$50 entry
Ladies receive 8 pins per game.
Enter here or call us on 9727 0007.



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Why do ladies get 8 pins per game?
I am a 192 average bowler on a house shot. Not sure why I need to give the women who represent the state and Australia 8 pins start when they already average more than I do on harder conditions.


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This is how you will improve your game by playing against the best. Just go out and have fun. That is what bowling is all about.
Cheers Lovey


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Unfortunately you can't please everyone Alberto. The 8 pins rule creates a lot of arguments, as you are saying. However please look further into the event and see how good value it is. You won't get much better value anywhere. So whether you are giving a lady 8 pins or not, great opportunity to play 7 games competitively against top bowlers (men and ladies). As Lovey says, The more you play against and with higher average bowlers the better you will get.
Also there is never much on for bowlers to play competitively, so this is to provide an avenue for keen bowlers.

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Those 8 pin where the Reason *Victoria Sports Series Died couple years ago


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It's not about the value or the competition it's the principle.
We currently give 8 pins per game to females who are established bowlers and capable of mixing it with the best. These females will bowl if they get the 8 pins or not.

You should give 8 pins per game to everyone who is a 185 and under average bowler to help bring them up rather than being gender specific.
I am sure you would gain more entries this way.


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HI mate
looking pretty strong at this stage. I'll send out a reminder in a week or so. But up to 17 at this stage if everyone shows.
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