Brenton Davey

Discussion in 'South Australian Sport Series' started by Dave84, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Dave84

    Dave84 Member

    Looki g to get in contact with Brenton Davey?
  2. jason_doust

    jason_doust The Bowling Geek

    Seek Brenton Davy and ye shall find..! (Well, try the search function above...)
  3. Brenton_Davy

    Brenton_Davy 900Global bowler

    I've been found, via this medium.
  4. jason_doust

    jason_doust The Bowling Geek

    See..? Be careful what you wish for Dave! ;)
  5. Dave84

    Dave84 Member

    Haha cheers Jason, Brenton's currently got my stock plus a friends ball as of tonight. What do you mean be carefull what you wish for? Haha

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