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  1. suecassell

    suecassell New Member

    AMP Bloody Legend
  2. gonzo69

    gonzo69 Member

    saw the scores on quibicaamf great bowling, well done anne marie
  3. This is incredible!
    What a final, as said, what a legend!
  4. Well done AMP, u did well for our country!!!!!!!! Now it's your turn BELMO!!!


    Does anyone know if if it going be on PAY TV???????


    From Shona & Tim
  5. GeorgeF

    GeorgeF Hypercell = Hyperhook!

    527 for 2, she meant business! Well done AMP, your turn Belmo
  6. elsie

    elsie Active Member

    "wow, it's topped the year off very nicely" she said beaming as she was surrounded by friends and media ... and of course her Coach, Geoff Bowness who is here with her was over the moon.

    On the way through, she picked up the High Game award too with her 280 :)

    Many happy aussies here in St Petersburg !

  7. Power Penguin

    Power Penguin New Member


    Great bowling!
  8. June Voukolos

    June Voukolos Member

    Well done Ann Maree, a great performance from one of our long standing champions
    June Voukolos
  9. emmtee83

    emmtee83 Member

    Congratulations AMP. Well deserved.
  10. Kellie

    Kellie Facebook Rocks

    Well done AMP, a fantastic effort, another achievement in the game that you can add to your long list to date, you have given the game so much and it is great to see you are getting the results in return.

    You not only did yourself proud but also our country, once again well done on becoming the World Champion.
  11. xballs

    xballs bujinkan budo taijutsu

    Well Done AMP :D- you make us proud to be Aussies

  12. DrewC

    DrewC Member

    Awesome stuff! Well done Putts! :D
  13. Chez

    Chez New Member

    May you bask in the well deserved glory Amps. A great achievement for a dedicated career.....well worth the time and effort...and still going!!!;): ;)
    Cheryl M
  14. The Rock

    The Rock The Rock

    Congrats Ann-Maree!!!
  15. TPC/Player

    TPC/Player Member

    AMP What can we say other than what a great job you have done representing our country let only winning the WORLD CUP... Truly a Champion Congrats again
  16. ~Mrs STORM~

    ~Mrs STORM~ Revless Wonder...

    Way to go Putz!
    This year seems to have been an incredible year for you and this is the icing on the cake.
    You're a true inspiration/role model/idol to alot of youth and junior bowlers out there.
    Congratulations on such an awesome victory.

    All the best!
  17. rpac23

    rpac23 Posse Court Jester

    Well done Ann-Maree! Keep it up! Nice to see our Aussies are keeping Australia high in the World of Bowling!

    Nice 527 Series! I'm sure you did mean business! Nobody saw that comming (except you of course) ;)

    Congratulations! :D
  18. da_cowman

    da_cowman Shocker Staff Member

    Congratulations AMP!
    No-one else deserves it more.
    Enjoy it, you champion of the world you!

    Later Da Cowman!
  19. mattr

    mattr Member

    congrates AMP truley a star

    SMARTIES Member

    Congrats Putts!!!

    You are a legend and deserve this so much!!!

    Enjoy yourself :)

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