Ebonite Angular One


Jeff Ussery

Pin to PAP Distance: 5 1/2"
Preferred Spin Axis to PAP Distance: 5"
Degree Layout Conversion: 70 Degrees
Balance Hole: None
Surface Preparation: Box Condition

What I Was Looking For in this Ball and Layout:

Many times when I'm drilling a new release for the first time, you'll see my use this layout. This layout "fits my eye" and gives me what I like to see on the lane. It can be difficult to drill a new release with a goal in mind, so at times we simply apply our favorite ball layout and take it the lanes for a test drive. Nothing really in mind here with this ball layout; just wanted to get a feel for the product.

What I Ended Up With in this Ball and Layout:

The Angular One clears the front end very easily with the 4000 grit Abralon and Powerhouse Factory Finish surface. One thing I've noticed while throwing Ebonite products is that rarely will you have trouble getting their finer grit bowling balls through the heads. The Angular One is similar to other polished balls in the Ebonite line. Even in our home center (Guardian heads, Wood pines and backends), the Angular One seems to handle the fronts pretty easily.

The Angular One is extremely strong at the spot for me. In this layout, I create a lot of down lane track flare, which increases friction and entry angle. The Angular One is true to its name in the middle and backend portion of the lane. On all lane patterns that I've tested this ball on, the Angular One has responded quickly to the dry boards. One of the things that made the original One so successful is the ability for the ball to read the spot quickly but consistently. I see these properties in the new Angular One. The Angular One seems to read the breakpoint quickly, but it really isn't hard to control at all. This tells you that the coverstock and core have been matched up well.

The Angular One is clearly stronger than anything else in the Ebonite line at this point. Even with the pearlized shiny finish, the coverstock is so strong that the ball simply outhooks everything else available. I've had no trouble getting my Angular One to out-curve all of my One, Big One, and Big Time sanded bowling balls that are reviewed on this site. If you're struggling with higher volume lane patterns, or perhaps even longer lane patterns, this ball would be an excellent choice for you. The Angular One is also more "angular" in the backend than all but one of the balls in my arsenal (Big Time Pearl).

Length from 1-10 (Early to Late)

Breakpoint Move from 1-10 (Smooth to Sharp)

Overall Hook from 1-10 (Low to High)

To see a picture of this ball layout, visit our website at www.proshoptraining.com.
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