Almost 8 years on and this Forum is alive and well.


Well I was just reminiscing about how almost 8 years ago I posted a reply to a post in the Comments and Suggestions Forum titled "Separate FORUM for 300 Games" on April 29th 2008 which prompted the creation of this forum. Gee how times fly. Though I seldom log on these days its good to see an idea you have had work out really well. Also of course good to see the other forums predominantly free of these posts which were taking over the individual state forums to the detriment of discussion topics all those years ago.

Here is that post:


With the proliferation in posts in the state forums for high games and series with the number increasing all the time I was wondering if we would all be better served with one forum where everyone posts these notifications too.

I would suggest a Game / Series or Achievement Forum where all could post high game series awards whether thay are in practice, league or tournaments as this would free up the other forums for discussion topics.

Terry Silva
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