2017 Sydney Seniors Classic - AMF Rooty Hill

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  1. matthew

    matthew New Member

    hi matt could you please list the latest listing
    regards matthew
  2. Hi Matt

    Paid in full $220 by Direct Debit. Receipt Number 1205 0001.

    regards Jenny
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  3. MattyK

    MattyK Matt Whitten

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Latest squad listing attached, we now have 88 bowlers!


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  4. lovey

    lovey Active Member

    Hi Matt,
    Could you put me in Grand seniors squad A please.
    Cheers Lovey
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  5. matthew

    matthew New Member

    is there an updated list matty or sean and change anthony smith to tony smith please
    regards matthew smith
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  6. MattyK

    MattyK Matt Whitten

    Hello Everyone,

    We currently have 49 bowlers in A squad and 40 bowlers in B squad, I was hoping to run both squads with 3 bowlers per pair. If any bowler would like to move from A squad to B squad this will keep the numbers even for the 32 lanes.

    Deposits can be made over the phone at the venue OR by direct deposit to:

    BSB - 012 366
    ANZ, Walker Street North Sydney
    A/C Number - 835576198
    A/C Name - Bowling Centres Australia Pty Ltd
    Remittance advice - acct_receivable@amfbowling.com.au

    See you all on Saturday!

    Matt & Sean

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  7. JLO

    JLO Member

    Hi Matt
    $100 deposit paid today for Janet Baker
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  8. bowling Widow

    bowling Widow Member

    Hi Matt

    $220 Paid to today for Paul Terry

    Thanks Trish
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  9. Shazza64

    Shazza64 Member

    Hi Matt and Sean
    Balance of entry fee paid by direct deposit on Tuesday. See you Saturday
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  10. dunryc

    dunryc Long Suffering Raiders Fan

    Sorry Matt,
    Some family issues have arisen and I am unable to come up this weekend.
    Please remove me from B squad.

    Good Luck All!

    Jan Nordin
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  11. MattyK

    MattyK Matt Whitten


    Been a few withdrawals from the weekend and change of squad, please see updated listing.


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  12. GregW

    GregW Member

    Hi Matt

    Apologies, but I can't make it this weekend. Hope it goes well.


    Greg Williams
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  13. mureg

    mureg Member


    I paid the balance of my money on Wednesday over the phone


    Geoff Mure
  14. MattyK

    MattyK Matt Whitten

    Hello everyone,

    Final listing attached and also includes lane allocation, any changes to attendance will alter the end lanes to allow for only 3 bowlers per pair in both squads.

    See you all tomorrow!


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  15. Daggie.

    Daggie. New Member

    Hi Matt,
    Could you tell me where we can find results thanks.

    Darrell Holt.

    No Ditch No Daz.
  16. MattyK

    MattyK Matt Whitten

    Hi Daz,

    Head to Tenpin Results for all the scores.

  17. MattyK

    MattyK Matt Whitten

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for a super weekend!

    All prize fund payments have been approved and sent through to accounts payable to be processed, Wednesday is our standard payment day.

    If you do not have money in your account by Friday lunch time please email me at matthew.whitten@amfbowling.com.au


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