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  1. Davey

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    July 12 update

    Only 5 spots remain in B squad, the first 5 people to pay a deposit will go straight into squad. Please ensure you email through receipt of payment to ensure we get the order correct via time stamps

    Remember ladies, you will receive 8 bonus pins per game.

    #GTAC #GcCup17

  2. RobK300

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    I misunderstood the sign-up process as B squad already looked full (without deposits paid).

    I've paid deposit already (for A squad) - can I move into B?

    Robert Kendall
  3. Davey

    Davey Active Member

    Yes sir and done
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  4. RobK300

    RobK300 New Member

    Thank you
  5. Davey

    Davey Active Member

    July 16th update:

    B squad is now officially SOLD OUT along with C squad. We are now asking Bowlers listed in A squad to please pay your deposit to confirm that you are attending. Should you wish to move to D squad to please let us know.

    Don't forget that bowling an earlier squad, you will then have the chance to re-enter and do another 10games for just $120 eg. Re-enter into D squad
    *subject to availability

    The only way into B or C squad now is to Win your way in next Sunday at Go Bowling Ashmore where there will be at least ONE Fully Paid spot up for grabs (squad choice is the choice of the winner)
    *please see Win a Spot Update

    #GTAC #GcCup17 #RankedEvent

  6. MaraSaurous..

    MaraSaurous.. tlch&&jca (L)

    Balance of the Entry Fee has just been paid for Tamara :)
    Receipt also emailed.
  7. Dougy

    Dougy Active Member

    Hello all.

    Just want to let everyone know and make people aware of traffic that you may face getting to the bowl.

    Friday night squad 6pm check-in:

    You will find from Robina all the way down the tugun by-pass it will be very think from about 3-4pm in the afternoon so please keep that in mind on getting to the bowl.

    Saturday morning squad 7:30am check-in:

    You shouldn't have any troubles at all the the way down.

    Saturday lunch squad 1pm check-in:

    Traffic from Robina will start to back up from 10am till about 2pm it will start to thin out.

    Saturday night squad 6:30pm check-in:

    As same as the morning squad you shouldn't have a problem getting to the bowl.

    Please keep all that in mind if you are coming down from the north.

    Please also if you have not already have a read of the T&C'S so everyone is aware of the changes from the past events and we don't have any confusion over the weekend.

    Cheers Doug
  8. Dougy

    Dougy Active Member

    The official practice for this years 2017 Global Travel & cruise Gold Coast Cup will be held on the Sunday the 13th at 10am this is going to be the best chance to have a practice prior to the event.

    We have 4 games for $18 on offer so if you would like to come down on the day please contact the bowl , Dave or myself on here so we know the amount of lanes to oil and etc etc.
  9. Davey

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    July 26 update

    We now have 1 spot available in both B and C squads. A paid deposit will secure your place in either of those squads. Please ensure you contact us with payment info should you wish to enter either B or C

    A squad bowlers: can we please get some deposits paid for your entries ASAP

    Reminder that bowing an earlier squad then gives you a chance to re-enter into a later qualifying squad, subject to availability. Cost for re-entry $120

    2017 GTAC Gold Coast Cup is only a few short weeks away. Don't delay

  10. Davey

    Davey Active Member

    C said is now FULL

    1 spot remains in B squad
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  11. alexmill

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    Hi dougy. This is alex miller. I am interested in practice on 13/7 for gc cup cheers

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  12. Dougy

    Dougy Active Member

    No worries name is down
  13. Davey

    Davey Active Member

    August 8 update

    We are now less then 2 weeks away from the 2017 Global Travel & Cruise Gold Coast Tenpin Cup to be held at Coolangatta Tweed Tenpin August 18-20

    Currently have 2 unsecured spots in B squad, to secure your place a deposit is required.

    Don't forget also that THIS Sunday there is the OFFICIAL Practice at Tweed with the pattern going down. To book lanes for the practice please call 07 55361606

    For those who haven't seen this years pattern I have attached it below

    Also for any bowler that wishes to receive ranking points from this event, you MUST be a silver TBA member prior to the tournament start

    Looking forward to seeing you all there for the Cup
    #GTAC #GcCup17 #NationallyRanked #TweedTenpin

    IMG_1146. IMG_1147.
  14. Dougy

    Dougy Active Member

    Good day all.

    Just a quick remind if you have you're name down for this event and havnt paid a deposit can you please let us know if you are still attending the event please.

    Thanks Doug
  15. Davey

    Davey Active Member

    Cup week has finally arrived

    The action all starts Friday night

    August 14 update

    We do have 2 unsecured spots in B squad, a paid deposit will secure your spot. Receipt of deposit is required for verification

    A squad bowlers, can you please confirm that you are still bowling, better yet, if you could get a deposit paid that would help us out greatly. Thank you


    Please ensure when checking in that you are paying cash, this is enable us to pay out in cash prizes. You can still transfer the balance of your entry fee until Wednesday, this is to ensure the funds clear in time.

    Ball registration: please ensure you have your registration form filled out and handed in at check in. Will attach a copy below, if you can't have it done prior to arriving, please allow enough time to fill it out when arriving. We will have hard copies in centre. You only need to have name of the ball , brand and serial number listed.

    Dress code: A reminder for the men, dress shorts are allowed during qualifying however, finals on Sunday you MUST wear trousers.

    Ranking Points: Anyone wishing to receive TBA Ranking Points, you must be a Silver TBA member prior to the tournament start. To upgrade visit https://tenpinresults.com.au/GoSilver

    We look forward to seeing you this weekend
    #GTAC #GcCup17 #TweedTenpin #Ranked
    Global Travel & Cruise Coolangatta Tweed Tenpin
    Tenpin Bowling Australia


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