2012 VSS - Event 5 @ Epping Sunday 2nd September


Sorry for the delay, have been offline for a while.

Date: Sunday 2nd September 2012
Where: Oz Tenpin Epping
41-53 Miller Street, Epping
Check In: 9:30 am
Bowling: 10:00 am
Cost: $90 (Members) $110 (Non-Members)
Patten: WTBA Los Angeles (36ft)
Rules: All TBA Rules & Regulations apply.
Current TBA card/receipt required
Ties: Any cut shall be resolved by 9th/10th frame roll-off.
Any other paid position shall be a shared payout
(I.E. tie for 5th shall be 5th & 6th monies split.)

Bowlers will complete 8 games each.
Games will be bowled in 4 blocks of 2.
Females shall be given 8 pins handicap per game.
Top 6 bowlers progress to Step Ladder Finals.

Match 1 - 6th vs 5th vs 4th
(Winner To Progress, Scores To Determine 5th & 6th)
Match 2 - W1 vs 3rd
(Winner To Progress, Loser Finishes 4th)
Match 3 - W2 vs 2nd
(Winner To Progress, Loser Finishes 3rd)
Match 4 - W3 vs 1st
(Winner Finishes 1st, Loser Finishes 2nd


1 Tony Aarons
2 Adam Baker
3 Leesa Bartlem
4 Scott Beger
5 Michael Bosma
6 Dena Buxton
7 Branden Crisp
8 Simon Elfring
9 Jane Finch
10 Shane Fitzgerald
11 Troy Gaylard
12 Shane Hadlum
13 Ralph Harford
14 Adam Hayes
15 Jayen Kalman
16 Shane McLean
17 Jason Motta
18 Jim Murray
19 Jenny Notman
20 Maurice Sgroi
21 Tina Sgroi
22 Paul Trotter
23 Nick Williamson
24 Chris Williamson
25 Bryce Woszczeiko
26 Bryan Woszczeiko


Please add Me and Trent Robinson, Thanks. Nothing like beating my head against a brick wall for 8 games.
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