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    ATBSOQ Results & Pinformation - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here are final results from yesterday & also copy of Pinformation for those who haven't seen it.... Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad List - 15 Sept Aspley (updated) (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here is updated (@1pm today) Squad List/s for Sunday. Please let me know ASAP of any changes required. Ta muchly, Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Extra-Ordinary Meeting 15 Sept (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Just a REMINDER re EOM Between squads on Sunday. This will hopefully be the last meeting required for Members to accept the fine-tuning of wording within the Incorporation documents. See You on Sunday. Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone Please Note: the following Squad Lists are in A-Z of Surname (I'm still working on stats from Nationals) As usual, please let me know ASAP if I need to make any changes to the Squads. Ta Muchly, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ re Incorporation documents (Kerry Lowe)

    To: All ATBSOQ Members Unfortunately Incorporation documents were not handed out during the weekend as indicated in the Pinformation. I will be emailing them to All Members tomorrow (Tues). Thanks. Kerry Lowe, ATBSOQ Secretary
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    ATBSOQ - August Pinformation (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone, Here is copy of this month's Pinformation (3pgs) for anyone who missed Mt.Warren tournament. Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ.
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    ATBSOQ Results - Mt.Warren 10&11 August 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone, Here are the results from the weekend. Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ - Meeting re Nationals (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone, You are invited to join your Committee Members on Sunday, after bowling etc is finished, to discuss Seniors Week Challenge & Championships (Nationals). Only 15 days to go..... Kerry Lowe, Secretary.
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (as at 5Aug) - Mt. Warren 10&11 August (Kerry Lowe)

    Hello All Here is updated lists, current @ 12midday 5 Aug, for this weekend at Mt.Warren. Sunday 1st Sq has 3 available spots. Let me know if you would like one of them.... Please let me know ASAP if I need to make any other changes, etc. See you on the weekend. Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (updated @ 31/7) - Mt.Warren 10&11 August (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here is updated squad list/s - NOTE: 3 vacancies 1st squad Sunday if anyone interested... Please let me know asap if I need to make any changes... Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (Updated @ 22/7) for Mt.Warren 10&11 August (K.Lowe)

    Hi All Here is newer squad lists for Mt.Warren. NOTE: 2 spots available Sunday morning... Please let me know if I need to change anything. Thanks, Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (3) for Mt.Warren 10&11 August

    Hello Everyone, Below is List(s) for the 3 squads @ Mt.Warren. Please let me know if I need to make any changes. Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ - National AGM documents (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All I will be emailing these documents to ALL Members today & tomorrow, however should you require the Nomination Form for Election of a Board Member, please contact me asap. CLOSING DATE: 5pm Sunday 11 August 2019. Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Thank You & Congratulations (Kerry Lowe)

    THANK YOU to everyone to came along yesterday to Aspley for the Hazel Eaglen Memorial Tournament. I hope you all had a fun day. Also, THANK YOU to Jason and All the Staff at Aspley 10 Pin Bowl for all you did towards making our day a success. CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners - "Let Us Think About...
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    ATBSOQ Invitation & Reminders (Kerry Lowe)

    Hello, re: Sunday 30 June (Check In 8.30am) You're invited to join with the Committee, after bowling, to discuss issues re Nationals. Reminders - State Team Members - your wrapped gift for the prize table ATBSOQ Bowlers - any outstanding chocolate money Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Fundraiser / Memorial Tournament (Kerry Lowe)

    Hello. ATTENTION State Team Bowlers: If you haven't advised me / sent me your Team info for the above please do so ASAP - I'm still missing a few... ALSO I'm LOOKING FOR A VACANT SPOT/TEAM - I'm still looking (to help a Restricted Men State Team Bowler) for a vacant spot within a Team OR 4...
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    ATBSOQ Fundraiser Day - Help !!! (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone I need Your Help.... I'm wanting to fill a team for one of our Restricted Men State Team bowlers. If you are able to help and/or know of any 'social' bowlers who would like to be involved in a day of fun, please let me know asap. Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ REMINDER for STATE TEAM BOWLERS (Kerry Lowe, Secretary)

    REMINDER for STATE TEAM BOWLERS re Hazel Eaglin Memorial Tournament (Fundraiser) Sunday 30 June @ Aspley Bowl Only 5 more days to register your Team... If you have already done so & have non ATBSOQ bowlers please email me their averages asap. Ta. Don't forget - each State Team Bowler is asked...
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    ATBSOQ Results - 2June Strathpine (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone Here are the results from yesterday's doubles tournament. (Note: pg 2 is different to that distributed yesterday - I had ripped my husband off with a wrong score in game 5. Now corrected but makes no difference to payout/s). Kerry, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ Lost Property (Kerry Lowe) OWNER FOUND....

    Hi, OWNER FOUND.....:) I have LOST PROPERTY. Who's missing their WATER BOTTLE??? Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Squads - 2 June Strathpine (Doubles) (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone Here is the most up to date lists for both squads on Sunday. (A-Z Christian Names) Please let me know ASAP if I need to make any changes. Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ Squads - DOUBLES 2June Strathpine (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi As this is our DOUBLES tournament, had to do 'rethink' of bowler numbers. 40 BOWLERS max per squad..... Thanks, Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Squad List for 2 June @ Strathpine (Kerry Lowe)

    Here is Squad List for 2 June @ Strathpine. 1st sq = 50 bowlers maximum. If you would like your name put in for 1st, 2nd, or both squads please let me know. Thanks, Kerry (Secretary)
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    ATBSOQ Results from 2 May @ Caboolture (Kerry Lowe)

    Happy Monday Everyone. Here are the Final Results from yesterday. (Sorry they're later than usual but my laptop didn't want to play, even with my IT Support's input (gotta love savvy sons) & have had to pull out my really old laptop. Thanks for your patience. Kerry (Secretary)
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    ATBSOQ Squad List for 12 May @ Caboolture (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here is squad list for Sunday, current @ 6pm Friday. Any change/s needed please text or phone me, I won't have internet as of Sat morning. Ta, Kerry
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