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    ATBSOQ Results & Pinformation - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here are final results from yesterday & also copy of Pinformation for those who haven't seen it.... Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad List - 15 Sept Aspley (updated) (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here is updated (@1pm today) Squad List/s for Sunday. Please let me know ASAP of any changes required. Ta muchly, Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Geoff, Will do. Thanks for letting me know. Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Extra-Ordinary Meeting 15 Sept (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Just a REMINDER re EOM Between squads on Sunday. This will hopefully be the last meeting required for Members to accept the fine-tuning of wording within the Incorporation documents. See You on Sunday. Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Broni, Done. Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Kevin, I sure did & you are in for both squads for Sunday. Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    No prob - Done. Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists - Aspley 15 Sept 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone Please Note: the following Squad Lists are in A-Z of Surname (I'm still working on stats from Nationals) As usual, please let me know ASAP if I need to make any changes to the Squads. Ta Muchly, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ re Incorporation documents (Kerry Lowe)

    To: All ATBSOQ Members Unfortunately Incorporation documents were not handed out during the weekend as indicated in the Pinformation. I will be emailing them to All Members tomorrow (Tues). Thanks. Kerry Lowe, ATBSOQ Secretary
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    ATBSOQ - August Pinformation (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone, Here is copy of this month's Pinformation (3pgs) for anyone who missed Mt.Warren tournament. Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ.
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    ATBSOQ Results - Mt.Warren 10&11 August 2019 (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone, Here are the results from the weekend. Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ - Meeting re Nationals (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone, You are invited to join your Committee Members on Sunday, after bowling etc is finished, to discuss Seniors Week Challenge & Championships (Nationals). Only 15 days to go..... Kerry Lowe, Secretary.
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (as at 5Aug) - Mt. Warren 10&11 August (Kerry Lowe)

    Hello All Here is updated lists, current @ 12midday 5 Aug, for this weekend at Mt.Warren. Sunday 1st Sq has 3 available spots. Let me know if you would like one of them.... Please let me know ASAP if I need to make any other changes, etc. See you on the weekend. Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (updated @ 31/7) - Mt.Warren 10&11 August (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All Here is updated squad list/s - NOTE: 3 vacancies 1st squad Sunday if anyone interested... Please let me know asap if I need to make any changes... Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (Updated @ 22/7) for Mt.Warren 10&11 August (K.Lowe)

    Hi Jill, Done.. Hope all is okay with Barb. Kerry
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (Updated @ 22/7) for Mt.Warren 10&11 August (K.Lowe)

    Hi All Here is newer squad lists for Mt.Warren. NOTE: 2 spots available Sunday morning... Please let me know if I need to change anything. Thanks, Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Squad Lists (3) for Mt.Warren 10&11 August

    Hello Everyone, Below is List(s) for the 3 squads @ Mt.Warren. Please let me know if I need to make any changes. Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ - National AGM documents (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi All I will be emailing these documents to ALL Members today & tomorrow, however should you require the Nomination Form for Election of a Board Member, please contact me asap. CLOSING DATE: 5pm Sunday 11 August 2019. Kerry Lowe Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Thank You & Congratulations (Kerry Lowe)

    THANK YOU to everyone to came along yesterday to Aspley for the Hazel Eaglen Memorial Tournament. I hope you all had a fun day. Also, THANK YOU to Jason and All the Staff at Aspley 10 Pin Bowl for all you did towards making our day a success. CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners - "Let Us Think About...
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    ATBSOQ Invitation & Reminders (Kerry Lowe)

    Hello, re: Sunday 30 June (Check In 8.30am) You're invited to join with the Committee, after bowling, to discuss issues re Nationals. Reminders - State Team Members - your wrapped gift for the prize table ATBSOQ Bowlers - any outstanding chocolate money Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary ATBSOQ
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    ATBSOQ Fundraiser / Memorial Tournament (Kerry Lowe)

    Hello. ATTENTION State Team Bowlers: If you haven't advised me / sent me your Team info for the above please do so ASAP - I'm still missing a few... ALSO I'm LOOKING FOR A VACANT SPOT/TEAM - I'm still looking (to help a Restricted Men State Team Bowler) for a vacant spot within a Team OR 4...
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    ATBSOQ Fundraiser Day - Help !!! (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone I need Your Help.... I'm wanting to fill a team for one of our Restricted Men State Team bowlers. If you are able to help and/or know of any 'social' bowlers who would like to be involved in a day of fun, please let me know asap. Thanks, Kerry Lowe, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ REMINDER for STATE TEAM BOWLERS (Kerry Lowe, Secretary)

    REMINDER for STATE TEAM BOWLERS re Hazel Eaglin Memorial Tournament (Fundraiser) Sunday 30 June @ Aspley Bowl Only 5 more days to register your Team... If you have already done so & have non ATBSOQ bowlers please email me their averages asap. Ta. Don't forget - each State Team Bowler is asked...
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    ATBSOQ Results - 2June Strathpine (Kerry Lowe)

    Hi Everyone Here are the results from yesterday's doubles tournament. (Note: pg 2 is different to that distributed yesterday - I had ripped my husband off with a wrong score in game 5. Now corrected but makes no difference to payout/s). Kerry, Secretary
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    ATBSOQ Lost Property (Kerry Lowe) OWNER FOUND....

    Hi, OWNER FOUND.....:) I have LOST PROPERTY. Who's missing their WATER BOTTLE??? Kerry
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