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  1. hamster

    Gold Coast Heritage Classic - See Seniors Forum

    B squad for me please. Tony Hamilton Senior
  2. hamster

    2020 SA Seniors Classic

    Hello Glenn. Could you please add me to A squad. Thank you Tony Hamilton
  3. hamster

    2020 Qld World Cup of Champions Entry Form and Squad List

    Any chance of some major difference between the patterns eg short short, medium, long long
  4. hamster

    2020 Qld World Cup of Champions Entry Form and Squad List

    Thank you Rikki bobby. Can you add terry wenban please
  5. hamster

    2020 Hammer Queensland Senior Classic

    Hi Carol & Animal. Thanks and could you add Dale Stewart for B squad as well. Thank you
  6. hamster

    2019 Kegel QLD Open

    A squad for me thank u. Batesy
  7. hamster

    2019 QLD World CUP of CHAMPIONS

    Hammo and Dale Stewart please Thanks Batesy
  8. hamster

    2016 Queensland World Cup of Champions-1st Event 2016-Unique Format-$4350 Prize Money

    Deposit paid over counter to Mel on Monday night 12/10 for Dale Stewart and myself. thanks Hammo
  9. hamster


    Hit the wrong button. Im amazed the amount of bowlers that lose form from December to Feburary. Just saying
  10. hamster


  11. hamster

    2015 Hammer Dash for Cash Sports Series

    hammo thanks but looks like I've missed the boat
  12. hamster

    2014 Hammer Sports Series

    don’t forget me Lord, thanks Hammo
  13. hamster

    2014 Hammer Sports Series

    i’ll be there thanks
  14. hamster

    Association Challenge 2014 Form Guide and Odds (2 parts)

    Kingaroy: Another association that is always improving year after year. Has been struck down by the Shinnie’s Curse. (Symptoms: Must have a 4 in your postcode). Could challenge for a top 3 in both divisions Men’s: 8-1 Who’s Hot: Morty says, “It’s him, just ask Jess”. Tyrone says, “It’s him, just...
  15. hamster

    Association Challenge 2014 Form Guide and Odds (2 parts)

    Woke up this morning from the strangest dream. I was in the biggest tournament the State has ever seen. We were marching as one, on the road to the Holy Grail. Welcome all to the running of the 22nd Association Challenge @ Bundaberg Tenpin Bowl. This year “ The Authority “ has gone with a Race...
  16. hamster

    Which Aussie, would You like to see (Belmo Vs ???), in an XGames Match ?

    George for the entertainment value for sure. The two gentlemen have history with bets/dares on results. If its just scores you want might as well have 2 drones. I want the sledge,niggle and banter as well as the scores.
  17. hamster

    Ballina Open Border Runners

    hi ray & emma, you can add me to A squad as well Thank you Hammo
  18. hamster

    2014 Hammer Sports Series

    don’t have to ask me twice
  19. hamster

    Are you a Bowling Geek

    I want to see more of P.B Atkinson
  20. hamster

    2014 Gympie Wide Bay Event

    Swap myself from B to A thanks Hammo “Def Champ"
  21. hamster

    2014 Border Runners Grand Prix Series - Tweed Classic.

    A squad for me thanks Hammo
  22. hamster

    2014 Queensland World Cup of Champions-1st Event 2014-Unique Format-$4350 Prize Money

    To those that are a patient. Every year bowlers have pulled out for whatever reason and there has always been some last minute call around to fill the spot. Don’t change. Maybe think of running one later in the year with some tweaking to format. i.e. qualifying to seeding, USBC...
  23. hamster

    KEGEL QLD. OPEN 2014 Entry Form

    c squad for me thanks Lady Flower Hammo
  24. hamster

    2013 Charlie Greyson Memorial Open - Suncity

    A & C for me thanks Brando Hammo
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