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  1. hamster

    Association Challenge 2014 Form Guide and Odds (2 parts)

    Woke up this morning from the strangest dream. I was in the biggest tournament the State has ever seen. We were marching as one, on the road to the Holy Grail. Welcome all to the running of the 22nd Association Challenge @ Bundaberg Tenpin Bowl. This year “ The Authority “ has gone with a Race...
  2. hamster

    Association Challenge 2013 Form Guide and Odds

    Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages, the Association proudly presents your 2 time Combined and Men's Champion, Hammo with THE ODDS We would like to invite all past...
  3. hamster

    Aspley Cup ???????

    I wish to nominate for this event. Hammo
  4. hamster

    Goes well fresh !!!!

    Congrats to Darrin Comrie on rolling a very nice 838 series tonight at Aspley. 290,279,269 What a way to come back to league after a 6 week break!!! Well done again Hammo
  5. hamster

    Assoc Challenge Form and Odds

    Welcome Merry Men and Wholesome Wenches to the 19th running of the Association Challenge. Mother Nature felt she needed to decide on the location earlier this year by pretty much dumping a crap load of rain across the state and see what stays put …….. and the winner was Rockinghampton...
  6. hamster

    Brisbane Area Masters Champions

    Congratulations to Darrin Comrie and Taya Reggars on winning their respective divisions today. The women’s division was pretty much an one act affair with Taya leading from game 2 and increasing her lead from then on. In a close affair for the minor placings, Katie Kroehnert held on for 2nd...
  7. hamster

    World Championships

    After a slow start on the first two patterns, Belmo has fought hard over the next 3 to make it to the final by qualifying in the 8th and final spot. He has qualified for the Chameleon, Shark, Scorpion, and the World Championship. He will also be part of the Internationals v the USA. Well...
  8. hamster

    Congrats to Rebekah Meads

    Well done Bec on an outstanding preformance on finishing 3rd in the Australian Masters. Some nice coin to go with that as well. Hammo
  9. hamster

    Entries for Championships

    Currently there has been 309 Open Men Singles attempts with another 40+ for Friday. Is this a record? Also the women are 89 ATM and look well on reaching over 100. Surely this a record? Also the open Doubles have had 110+ and 30, with more to come. Hammo
  10. hamster

    Aussies in Action

    Currently Ben Taylor and Christian Prudue are bowling in the singles. They are in game 2. They should start their last game on the TV pair around midnight our time. As long as they continue to move 3 pairs after each game. You'll find it here...
  11. hamster

    Assoc Challange 18th Birthday Odds

    Kingaroy Committee would like to invite all to the Association Challange's 18th Birthday Bash. The 3 day shindig, at great expense, will be held a several s w a n k places in the Kingaroy region. The Lord expects everyone to be dressed accordingly.(The Caboolture Ladies have been given special...
  12. hamster

    Assoc Challange teams

    How the heck am i to do my odds if i don't have all the line up ? Have found 6 teams but nothing for the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay and the "Host" Kingaroy. Also any changes for the other teams would be greatly apprecciated as well. Jester
  13. hamster

    Brisbane Area Masters Results

    Congratulations to Brad Reggars for winning the Men's Masters in style bowling a 289 to defeat Jon King. Brad had qualfied top seed after rolling 232.5 avg for the 8 games. Jon King(224.25 avg) rolled a nice 277 in the last game to leap frog Dale stewart(223 avg) for 2nd place. While a fast...
  14. hamster

    Amy-Lee Kroehnert 278 a new PB

    I want to congratulate my doubles partner Amy-Lee on rolling her new PB of 278 at the Brisbane Area Championships. She also threw 12 in a row by finishing with the final 8 in game 2 and the front 4 in game 3. Well done young lady, Hammo
  15. hamster

    2010 Brisbane Assoc Teams

    Congratulations to all who made the 2010 teams. 23 men and 7 women tried out. Some very good bowling was seen with high games from Dracy Fox 280, Greg Bochenek 279 and Rikki Reid 277. Mens Team : Brad Reggars 231.5 avg Ben Hynes 219.1 avg Peter Martin 218.8 avg Me...
  16. hamster

    Taya Reggars 300

    Congrats to my team mate Taya Reggars on bowling her 3rd 300 at aspley tonight. She rolled it in the 3rd game on lanes 9 and 10. She did it with her Hammer Burn. All 12 shots were " Not too Bad " ;) And thanks for carrying me tonight. Hammo
  17. hamster

    Assoc Challenge Odds and Form Guide

    Welcome everyone to this year’s Assoc Challenge to be held at Ashmore Bowl over the Queen’s Birthday week-end. This year see’s a great array of talented bowlers from the 10 Association with the one goal in mind……..(getting drunk) wait its coming to me………….( more drinking ) Oh it’s on the tip of...
  18. hamster

    Belmo at the EBT Masters 2009

    Belmo is currently running 2nd in the Round Robin stage of the event, 6 pins behind England's Paul Moor after 2. You can find the results here: Hope this helps. Hammo
  19. hamster

    Tony Hamilton bowls 300 number 18 and 19!

    I don't normally get on here but I thought this rated a mention: Congrats to Tony for bowling 300 number 18 in his first game in the A.B.F. Security Doubles league on Tuesday night (12/5/09) at Aspley Bowl. He has followed that up today with a 300 at the Switch Innisfail Open. That makes 19...
  20. hamster

    2009 Brisbane Association Results

    23 men and 13 women competed at Logan City Lanes to represent Brisbane at the Association Callange at Ashmore Bowl. The Ladies Team: Alicia Melton Mel Warmington Katie Kroehnert Danyell Burgess Rebecca Meads Taya Reggars Tegan Meads The Mens Team: Dale Stewart Gene Morrison...
  21. hamster

    Earl " The Pearl " Anthony named PBA Greatest

    The late Earl Anthony, who left an indelible legacy on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour as its first career millionaire, was announced as the greatest player in the PBA’s first 50 years Sunday, capping the tour’s weeklong 50th anniversary celebration at Red Rock Resort, Casino and Spa...
  22. hamster

    44th World Cup practise

    Our own George is featured in this at 2:20 . YouTube - 44th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup hammo
  23. hamster

    Good Luck

    Wishing our World Cup reps, Defending Champion Ann-Maree Putney and George Frilingos all the best at the 44th Bowling World Cup being held at Bol 300 in Hermosillo, Mexico from the 7th to 14th of November. Hammo
  24. hamster

    Brad Reggars 299

    Just like Darren Suna last week and on the same pair, Brad Reggars also bowled a 299 and also left the 5 pin on his final shot. Great game there Anchor Hammo 2nd Bowler for the Insanely Fast Stars :D
  25. hamster

    279 Triplex to Darrin Cromie

    Well done mate on some outstanding bowling in the Friday night Scratch Singles. Darrin threw an amazing 33 strikes. He was denied by a stubborn 7 pin in the 1st game and a 10 pin in both the 2nd and 3rd games for his 837 series. Congrats again. Hammo
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