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  1. Dougy
    Looking forward to this years GTAC Gold Coast Cup. Get ya Names down for a great weekend away on the Gold Coast
  2. MattyK
    Currently looking for bowlers to compete in the 2017 Sydney Seniors Classic at AMF Rooty Hill
  3. Tel
    Tel raph
    Hi Sue
    Sorry for the last notice, I am unable to attend this year, My wife's mother has recently passed away and we have a few things to take care of, hope to see you next year
  4. comichero
    comichero l marsden
    Hi Len
    How's things. I was at Newcrest mine for 6 years, good pay, mind numingly boring!! I am trying to get back to the bowling industry.
    What will you be doing at Mt Isa. I was glad to go in 2010 and try something different. I have my own mowing business but with all
    this dry weather out here it's been slow.
    My email. comichero67@gmail. com
  5. Patricia rhodie
    Patricia rhodie
    My sister is trying to get in touch with georgina who used to run the bowlung with her husband john wick. Can anyone help?
  6. johnny breeden
    johnny breeden Mitchell J
    do you still have the 900 global vixen 13 lb. and the ebonite undeafted 15 lb. ?
  7. AMF CannonHill
    AMF CannonHill
    AMF & Sharp Plywood YOUTH CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS tournament please call AMF Cannon Hill (07) 3890 1177 to make your $50.00 deposit
  8. mark zauch
    mark zauch
    ohhh u know...;0)
  9. Onetimeusa
    Caboolture open. How do I register?
  10. kjt
    Hey guys I need to contact Jason Lambert asap
  11. Mac_Mendoza
    Mac_Mendoza Brando's ProShop
    Any balls for sale?
  12. Mac_Mendoza
    Mac_Mendoza Brando's ProShop
    Any balls for sale?
  13. caboolture bowl
    caboolture bowl Luke day
    Luke this is Alice from Caboolture bowl and just letting you know you did not qualify for any payouts in the zones thanks on behalf of Brian
    1. Luke day
      Luke day
      thank you alice, when i looked again i realised that due to numbers of entrants in that div that only top place got payed
      May 31, 2016
  14. A.D
    A.D Jackstar
    Hey do you still have the hy road ball I'm very intrested
  15. Kegelmaster
    Kegelmaster Docta
    Hi Docta,
    Saw your post regarding the fit out of a new centre. Is it possible for you to get me more details of this? Would be great to email this to me to:
    Thanks in advance.
  16. Bert
    Bert Goose
    Hi mate. Roy Menachemson is the Australiasian rep for Brunswick. He will be able to assist you with any build enquiries. You can contact him on 0414 291 292.
  17. Quik
    Quik Jase
    Hi Jase,

    Did you receive my post from myself about a member who acknowledged payment for two bowling balls on 15 Feb 16. It is now just over 3 weeks and I still have not received bowling balls.

    The member profile is K-C (Kassey Fechner) She assured me that the bowling balls would arrive guaranteed by 04 Mar. As yet still no bowling balls.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  18. Steph
    Only a week late but woooo made the south Queensland team
  19. Quik
    Quik Admin
    Hi there,

    I purchased a few ball from a person on this site a few weeks ago. The member acknowledged deposit of money.
    I have not received the bowling balls
    I have tried on numerous occasions to contact the member but they have not replied to my messages.

    Is there anything I can do or anything you can do to rectify this.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    I reported this but have had no reply.
    1. Jase

      Can you send me the name of the user? or where they are from
      Mar 1, 2016
  20. kagg69
    kagg69 Daniel Webb
    Hi Daniel just wondering if there were any developments regarding my earlier post, hoping to hear back from you, Sandra.